Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Going Where?

My wife Nicola and I have arrived in Glasgow for a few days where I am trying to catch up on the Church's preparations for the Commonwealth Games. More Than Gold 2014 is the ecumenical co-ordinating body for much activity and I praise God for all they are doing.  The Church in Scotland has a tremendous opportunity to share good news in word and deed.  Those who pray please support them.  This might be God's opportunity for Scotland to move forward generally and the Church in Scotland specifically.  I am looking forward to two further visits to Scotland to engage with More Than Gold 2014 before the Commonwealth Games start.

While in Glasgow reflecting on the opportunity to move forward with God  I saw two roads (see photographs).  It made me wonder how many of us are poised to move forward in our lives.  Perhaps we have been travelling a road that is going nowhere.  Perhaps we have come across an obstacle.  Maybe we have chosen the wrong road.

Nicola and I shared lunch today with Revd Alan Anderson and his wife Sheila at a beautiful place called "The House for an Art Lover".  As we pottered outside afterwards and made our way back to the car park there was a narrow path which took us to the car park.  Alan pointed out there is a narrow way, just as Jesus said.  Jesus spoke about a narrow way that leads to eternal life and a wide road that leads to destruction.  Which one are we on?  Where are we going?

Revd Terry Wright in the Worship area of one of his churches
I am so grateful to Revd Terry Wright who has shown me some of the Commonwealth Games venues during my visit and who pointed out the road in the air (intended I believe to be the Inner Ring Road at one point).  It was good to hear what Terry and his churches will be up to for the Commonwealth Games.

As I observe what is happening in Glasgow  I am prompted to think back to 2012 when I was privileged to serve together with The Church in Weymouth and Portland as we sought to respond to the opportunities presented by being the venue for the Sailing events in the Olympics.  I am struck again at how many people can be moving in the wrong direction in life and how those of us who follow Christ have an absolute responsibility to make known Christ's way.