Sunday, 7 December 2014

Band Aid

Over the last few weeks the latest incarnation of the Band Aid song “Do they know it’s Christmas” powered to Number 1 in the Charts in the United Kingdom and 62 other countries.  It seeks to raise funds for the fight against Ebola in West Africa.  The song, by many well-known artists pulled together as a kind of “super-group”, has not been without controversy.  Some people, including some artists, have been concerned that the song is patronising.  You may have your own view about that.  Even if that were to be correct, the reality is it looks set to raise a lot of money again.  There is another issue though.  However well-intentioned the song and artists are it will only offer temporary help.  It will, as the collective name for the artists implies (although without intention) be something of a Band Aid, a sticking plaster solution.

At Christmas we remember another incarnation.  This is not another incarnation of a song, but we remember THE INCARNATION, which speaks of God entering into this world in Jesus.  This is a God who does not want a sticking plaster solution but who wants to go to the root of the problem and bring about change for ever.  The root problem is a broken relationship with Him and others that affects this world and our eternal well-being.  God in Jesus wants to do something about that.  He wants to be born into our lives and make a difference in this world and assure us of our well-being for eternity.

Why not find out more in a church near you this Christmas?

May God bless you this Christmas and grant you deep peace.