Saturday, 10 December 2016

A Christmas Message

It has been an interesting year politically.  Brexit and President Designate Trump have been just two examples of that.  “Predictable” might not be the best word to describe the state of politics or indeed the World at this point of time.  For many who live on this planet unpredictability and uncertainty are the stuff of daily life.  Maybe your life has felt like that in the past.  Maybe your life feels like that today.

Into an uncertain world around 2000 years ago was born a baby called Jesus.  Health, hygiene and Herod (the local king serving under the Roman occupation) meant that there were plenty enough risks around.  The baby Jesus was vulnerable.  Yet this is how God acts.  Rather than avoiding risk, uncertainty and unpredictability Jesus is born into the very centre of it.  Jesus understands our vulnerabilities, the uncertainties of the world we live in, and the lives we have.  Jesus being born into the midst of that uncertainty 2000 years ago brought the potential for change.  When Jesus is invited into the situations of uncertainty and vulnerability that we find ourselves in today he also brings that potential of change.

Just as Jesus reached out to us through a baby born in Bethlehem, and just as he reaches out to us today, so may I invite you to reach out to him and invite him into your life, your home, your circumstances this Christmas?  Why not go along to a church service this Christmas to find out more?