Friday, 9 June 2017

The Irresponsibility of Politicians and Political Parties

The General Election within this country has yielded both definite and blurred views and is both positive and negative for the country.

The result stems from politicians not listening and not speaking.  Too often politicians point to “wins” as an indication that they have a mandate for action or direction.  In reality the days are gone where a majority means everyone will be happy with one direction.  There has been a tendency, except with Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition Government in 2010, to maintain a confrontational approach to politics.  This has often been echoed by Party Members.  Such an attitude is a disgrace.  Clearly as a society and country we are moving towards a call for coalition and consensus.  This was obvious with the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition Government, became clearer with the closeness of the Brexit vote where those who voted to remain were pretty much ignored afterwards, and is becoming clearer still with this hung Parliament.

With a backdrop of American and French Elections as well one can see that voters are becoming discontent with the power games of politics as they have happened in the past.  That calls for a new style of politics where politicians re-learn their art.  It calls for a listening to all people and not just select groups.  “Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the Politicians!” (Charles de Gaulle)  The country is speaking and is saying that it wants to be involved and included rather than treated as if it is not quite clever enough to understand the ways of the world.  The days of left or right are gone!

Despite great unhappiness about Brexit, what it means, and how and whether it should be achieved there has been a drive forwards as if everyone voted in the same way.  Instead we have a divided country, yet still politicians plough on with their own personal agendas.  The Sleeping Giant of young voters may be awakening and other voters are making it clear that a different style is wanted.

There is an arrogance from too many Politicians who consistently do not listen and who are only interested in power.  Politicians and political parties get over yourselves!  People vote for a variety of political parties.  They usually vote seriously.  They often vote because they have sincerely held views or sincerely held worries.  Stop dismissing voters when they do not vote your way.  Locally I have seen politicians calling voters stupid because they did not vote for their particular party.  That is precisely the attitude that brings such confusion and division and prevents co-operation.  It is immature to believe that because people align themselves with a particular view or party that they do not have a point to make or a view to promote.

Politicians of different parties need to learn to listen to people even when it does not fit in with their politics.

Politicians need to learn to talk to one another publicly as well as privately.

Politicians need to set an example in the development of community relationships.

Politicians therefore need to become better role models and stop so much of the party posturing.

Politicians need to hang looser to their party and hold tighter to the country.

The hope for our country is that we might move more fully towards conversation and consensus.  There is a challenge to politicians and their parties to seize the moment.  Do not let us down.

Personally I follow a leader who cares first and foremost about humanity and its well-being.  He gets my vote every time!